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The monthly recaps have been the same for a while now, being limited to only 3 colours. This is very restrictive and boring. Ideally, this can be improved by being able to choose your own colours, adding more visual elements and introducing variable elements. More of this below.

Context: I have recently purchased premium after falling in love with the app. I absolutely love statsfm and the statistics that Spotify itself cannot easily provide me. One of my favourite features is the monthly recap as Spotify's official wrapped is something I always look forward to. I have been posting these recaps on my Instagram story every month, but it is beginning to look boring. The style of the recap has not changed and I only have access to 3 colours. I would love it if I could express my music taste more within these recaps, giving others something unique to look at each month. I am no designer but I have come up with a few ways I believe these recap screens could be improved. For the sake of it, here is my April recap!


Right now there are 3 colours to chose from. IMO these are too bright and flashy for my own liking. It definitely grabs attention but after a while, it tends to look tacky. The statsfm app already has a great selection of colours in the settings menu. Being able to choose from a select few "theme accurate" colours or even an unrestricted colour wheel will make each recap a lot more interesting.

More visual elements

Currently, the recap only displays 3 main sections of statistics for free users. Top tracks, top artists and a verb (x% danceable/energetic etc). An added 2 stats for premium users, minutes and streams. This is nice but not very informative. It may be as beneficial to introduce visual elements for more types of statistics. Here is a list that I have come up with:

  • Song/album/artist covers per list

The top tracks/artists lists are very bland and uninformative. Adding more details like artists for the top songs and cover images may help. Not sure if this would be cluttered.

  • Data visualisations

Charts and graphs to visualise streams and minutes listened over the month.

  • Top genres/genre map

A list or a visual map illustrating the trends of how the user listens to different genres of music.

  • Better mood analysis

There seem to be only 3 main moods, energetic, danceable and instrumental. More types of moods or even giving the choice of mood to select (despite the percentage) will be better.

Variable Elements

It is understandable that all the previous visual elements may not fit on one page at the same time. This is where variable elements come in. Giving the ability for a user to choose from a range of elements to automatically fit on their recap. For more advanced users, giving them the ability to manually move these stats around.

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